How to Choose the Best Talent Intelligence Platform for your Recruiting Needs

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Studies have found that just over 20% of organizations have integrated AI technology and talent intelligence into their recruiting process. The slow rate of adoption is not surprising. In its early days, machine learning and AI technologies were expensive to design and implement. Their user interfaces and inability to integrate made them yet another costly and cumbersome technology that busy recruiters had to squeeze into their workflow.

All of this has changed in recent years, and AI technology implementation has increased at speeds never seen before. It has become less expensive, easier to use, and an increasing number of software providers are creating apps and integrations that can be easily added to an existing system’s workflow.

This post explains the basic functions of AI-powered talent intelligence and recruiting software and provides some simple guidelines on how to choose the software that is right for your organization.

How talent intelligence works

Understanding how AI and talent intelligence work is key when it comes to choosing the right software and getting buy-in from your team.

One of the key elements of AI is neural networks, which you can think of as a word cluster that links relevant skills, experiences, and other factors related to a particular role. By using neural networks, talent intelligence develops a much more holistic and multidimensional picture of the candidate. It prevents candidates from being overlooked by not having all the right keywords in their profile. Using Censia’s talent intelligence platform, you can create this model by using keywords or uploading a resumé or LinkedIn profile of a person you’d like to “clone” in the system.

Predictive analysis technology then takes the model created by the neural networks and uses it to determine which factors lead to success. It does this by analyzing how these factors work together and play out in a career track, and how, when taking dozens of characteristics into consideration at the same time, they have a higher probability of leading to success in a particular role. This is what we call the Ideal Candidate Model.

Once the technology creates the ideal candidate model, our software then uses Deep Searches that go beyond public profiles and searches for candidates that match this profile inside our proprietary database of more than 500 million potential candidates. The information in this database is sourced from more than 2,000 professional sources, which we regularly check, update and expand. 

This process–which only takes minutes–produces a ranked slate of candidates with a complete talent profile (including contact information) that recruiters can start reaching out to. And best of all, the Censia Talent Intelligence Platform can be used a standalone technology or implemented into your existing ATS, and can be used to compare passively sourced talent to existing employees, current applicants, and precious applicants, ensuring a complete 360° overview of all highly-qualified talent. 

How to choose the right Talent intelligence software

When shopping for talent intelligence software, start by asking the following questions:
  1. What is our biggest talent bottleneck, and how does this software solve them?
  2. What are our main talent initiatives (such as diversity or internal mobility), and can this software help us achieve our goals?
  3. How will this software increase our recruiting ROI?
  4. How will this software help us reduce our time spent on manual recruiting tasks?
  5. Are there any key areas where we need to deliver better results?
  6. Can this software be integrated into our existing ATS?
  7. Does this software allow us to compare external candidates, applicants and current employees eligible for promotion?
  8. Does this software provide any benefits for OFCCP compliance and is the information collected secure?

Getting More Information

Once you’ve collected your list of bottlenecks, goals and current technologies, you can start reaching out to providers for demos, quotes and implementation guidelines. 

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