What is Ideal Candidate Modeling?

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What is Ideal Candidate Modeling?

It’s the solution to saying “I wish we just had two of you!”

When you hear about a job opening over coffee, do you think “Oh, I know who’d be great!” or “Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could find someone like so-and-so?” We do! Most people do because as humans we thrive on connection and community. 

That’s why we made Censia’s Ideal Candidate Modeling, the first framework of this kind. 

How does this affect a candidate search? 

Defining a new job role and composing the job description is a time-consuming task. To save time, most recruiting teams don’t craft job descriptions from scratch for each posting. Instead, a large chunk of copy in each job description is re-used hundreds of times, so the job description and requisitions for many different roles will have the same skill requirements and not be entirely accurate for what you really need. 

Enter Censia’s Ideal Candidate Modeling. Instead of re-using another job description, you think, “If I could find another Ted, that’s the person I’d hire in a heartbeat!” Then, Censia identifies the most relevant skills, abilities, and experience that makes your pick (Ted) the ideal candidate and pools similar professionals for you. That pool is sorted into a ranked list using predictive modeling to further guide your hiring decisions. 

By using Ideal Candidate Modeling, you spend less time having to prep for the role and source candidates and achieve  better results compared to traditional methods.


How To Model Your Ideal Candidate

Start by showing our platform your ideal candidate by giving the platform the Ideal Candidate’s LinkedIn profile URL, phone number, email address, or even by just uploading a resume. 


Then, we search our database of Golden Records* to locate the candidate profile. Once located, the relevant candidate details are populated for the role search inputs. 

The model can then be refined by editing the tags (in position titles, experience, maturity, etc) which Censia has automatically populated.


Censia’s Ideal Candidate Modeling allows users to select up to three ‘Ideal Candidate’ profiles for a model search and will present similar profiles to help refine the search. 


Users can also add an Ideal Candidate to any other search, by selecting an interesting candidate from the slate and clicking on the “Add to Model” button, which will automatically absorb it as an Ideal Candidate, and add the new tags on top of the current slate search. Users can also decide to rebuild the search slate based on that Ideal Candidate.


Ideal Candidate Modeling provides an easy-to-use and automated way to develop a high-quality candidate slate and rank inbound candidates based on an existing profile and fill your candidate pipeline with highly qualified passive talent while saving time.


Censia Talent Intelligence is a comprehensive data platform that enables enterprises to find, develop and retain the best talent in the world by allowing data-driven talent decisions. 

If you’re not a Censia TI customer and would like to learn more about this feature and our platform, please contact our sales team today or see our TI platform in action.


*Golden Record: The Golden Record is our term for the master record of information on an object type and our single source of truth. To create Golden Records we centralize, standardize, deduplicate, enrich, and contextualize candidate profiles from across multiple sources to provide a more complete and contextualized representation. This is what allows us to provide a 360-degree professional view of an individual for high-quality data you can count on.

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