Censia Integrates into the SuccessFactors Recruiting Suite

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Censia’s Talent Intelligence platform instantly matches and delivers the market’s highest fit, most qualified, and in-demand candidates for any role.

Censia, the Talent Intelligence Platform liberating the talent acquisition market, combined with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Suite leveraging Censia’s predictive recruiting solution powered by one of the largest professional data platforms in the world with over 500 million professionals. With 75 million jobs declining and 133 million emerging by 2022, recruiters need the most powerful tools possible to win today’s race for talent.

Censia Talent Intelligence instantly matches the market’s highest fit, most qualified, in-demand candidates, to any open role, and delivers them to customers within the SAP SuccessFactors module. Censia’s platform equips talent professionals with the power of predictive intelligence, helping them hire better people faster, with less bias.

Today Joanna Riley, CEO and co-founder, gave a live webinar to the SuccessFactors community with an overview and demo. Highlights of the SuccessFactors Recruiting Suite include:

To learn more about the Censia Talent Intelligence Platform for SAP SuccessFactors, schedule a demo.

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