Executive Intelligence


Censia’s Executive Intelligence is the modern solution to identifying game-changing leaders. Our AI and machine learning technology enables us to deliver executive search 4X faster than the industry standard. But it’s not just about speed. We level the playing field and eliminate inherent bias in the hiring process, with over 70 percent being diverse hires. We identify and engage transformational talent for the world’s leading organizations, hiring people that consistently exceeds goals and unlocks their organization’s greatest potential.

This next-generation executive search is made possible through the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence and data science for talent acquisition. We build a 360° market map around an organization’s internal and external talent landscape to better understand, measure and drive top talent performance. This comprehensive, nuanced view drives outstanding results. We pinpoint, with unparalleled precision, the transformational leaders that propel their organizations forward.

Day 7

2 highly qualified candidates delivered

Day 14

4 of the 8 top candidates are moved into the client interview stage

Day 30

Offer extension

70% Diversity Placements

At Censia, we’ve upgraded executive search for the modern era, where time is precious
and finding the ideal talent is data-driven.

Our Executive Intelligence team applies leading-edge executive search expertise to leverage Censia’s talent intelligence. Our customers include leading publicly-traded corporations, middle market companies, retained executive search, private equity, and venture capital firms (and their portfolio companies).

In an ever-changing talent market, we offer customizable and agile offerings for a personalized partnership and experience.

Delivering transformative talent to the world’s best organizations

An exclusive partnership from start to finish, we will collaborate with you to explore and define the most critical role requirements. We stay close to our customers every step of the way, ensuring success. A full map of the market gives greater insight, allowing you to find, attract and retain best in class leaders.


Healthcare & Life Sciences
Financial Services
Private Equity & Venture Capital
Retail & CPG

Leveraging the power of AI, we perform a 360° candidate and company talent market map to reveal unique insights and intelligence around talent performance.

Leveling: C-Level Leaders | Board of Directors | Senior Leaders | Directors

Leveraging the power of AI, we perform a 360° candidate and company talent market map to reveal unique insights and intelligence around talent performance.

Executive Sourcing

Supercharge your talent acquisition team

Combining the most advanced AI-driven talent intelligence with best-in-class executive search principles, we source, engage and deliver candidates ready to interview

Market Mapping

Understanding the talent landscape is the critical first step

Censia provides comprehensive, highly-tailored AI-driven competitive intelligence to help identify top talent in specific industries:

  • Organization Structure Market Map
  • Competitor Executive Landscape
  • Network Optimization
  • Critical Scale Leadership (IPO, Exit, revenue scale, organization scale, PE)
  • Succession Planning
  • M&A Due Diligence
  • Diversity Landscape Mapping
  • Deal Diligence


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