Case Study: ARC Document Solutions Saves $682,000 on Recruiting with Censia Integration

ARC Document Solutions, Inc. provides specialized print and document management services to customers around the world. This, of course, requires a lot of talent. 

When seasoned tech recruiter Ed Sayson joined ARC as Head of Talent Acquisition, he immediately saw an opportunity to boost recruiting ROI. 

Here’s how Sayson radically transformed ARC Document Solutions’ talent acquisition performance.  

The Challenge

The pandemic forced layoffs across the globe and did not spare Sayson’s team. In addition to the pandemic, there were several other challenges. Sayson knew he needed radical efficiencies to keep up with headhunting, increased inbound applications, and accelerated digital transformation. 

While internal mobility increased 20% once during the pandemic, ARC Document Solutions had needs they couldn’t fill by internal promotion. Fortunately, the passive talent pool is a rich source of talent, with more than half of the American workers being open to new jobs, even if they are not actively seeking them. 

ARC needed a software solution that Sayson could leverage to streamline recruiting and provide instant subject matter expertise. 

While hiring volume had decreased from 400+ roles to double digits, Sayson found it necessary to take on most hiring responsibilities. By modernizing the company’s recruiting technology, he could drive down costs while scaling efficiencies. 

The Solution

The first step was choosing the right provider. ARC Document Solutions explored several options and ultimately selected Censia, which they integrated into their Jobvite instance. The main reasons were the intelligence of the platform, its ability to integrate with Jobvite seamlessly, and the high quality and responsiveness of the customer success team. 

Sayson found that Censia was easy to reach, great to work with on an ongoing basis, and delivered a clear value proposition for his department.

Onboarding with Censia was a streamlined yet thorough process, including regular check-ins from customer success managers and meetings with the product team. Sayson noticed that they incorporated his suggestions to refine the user interface and continually improved their product throughout the process. 

Within a month, the integration with Censia was complete.

maximize efficiencies and reduce recruiting spend with Censia Talent Intelligence

The Results

The results of ARC Document Solutions’ switch to Jobvite with a Censia Talent Intelligence integration were immediately apparent, and ARC reduced its recruiting costs by $682,000 the first year.  

Time spent reviewing resumes and agonizing over who to bring in for interviews was slashed significantly. The extra time allowed them to build more connections with the best candidates.  

The change effectively transformed recruitment for the company by delivering instant subject matter expertise and in-depth insights. Even the most junior recruiter could build a slate of highly qualified subject-matter experts using Censia. 

The recruitment team was empowered to quickly and accurately develop and build out lists of candidates ranked according to internal parameters, swiftly narrowing the field to highly qualified shortlisted individuals. 

Even pre-pandemic, 70% of Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends survey respondents cited recruitment as an important issue

“We had a great implementation experience; Censia delivers on all fronts,” said Sayson. “The team was fast, efficient, and friendly, and their Talent Intelligence Platform has greatly improved our recruiting ROI.”

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