Censia Talent Intelligence Platform™


Powerful, plug-in AI to unleash your organization’s true potential.

The Censia Talent Intelligence Platform™ provides comprehensive, unparalleled talent profiles, delivered seamlessly through a powerful, yet lightweight solution. Censia’s technology enables you to find, engage, and develop a workforce that will carry your mission forward and unlock opportunities you’ve only dreamed of.

Our technology organizes and employs billions of talent data points into the most sophisticated talent intelligence capability available today. And we built it as a lightweight, plug-in solution that can be used by itself or easily integrated via API into any human capital management (HCM) system.

How It Works

The Censia Talent Intelligence Platform(™) leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to aggregate and contextualize billions of data points to enable a data-driven approach to people decisions, powering the future of human resources.

Comprehensive Data Aggregation

Censia works with trusted data source partners to collect a vast amount of public data on people, companies, and industries from more than 2,000 data sources – professional networks, resume database, alumni associations, firmographic databases and more.

Actionable Insights

Censia employs machine learning and system intelligence to analyze and understand these richly-detailed professional profiles, contextualizing the talent landscape and enabling more effective sourcing and engagement.

Unparalleled Talent Profiles

Once collected, Censia organizes, normalizes, deduplicates and maps thousands of factors to create what we call the Censia Golden Record. This Golden Record provides a 360-degree talent view of an individual.

Seamless Delivery

These insights and intelligence can be accessed through our robust, highly secure API or SaaS applications, or integrated with leading ATS solutions.

Censia’s solution enables and upgrades all areas of talent intelligence:

Workforce Intelligence

Gap Analysis

Competitive Intelligence

Skills Intelligence

Diversity & Inclusion

Talent Mapping

Passive Sourcing

Candidate Screening

Candidate Experience

Employee Engagement


Internal Mobility

Data, Privacy, and Compliance

Censia aggregates a wide array of public and private information sources, organizing and then anonymizing the information into a secure, proprietary database. Censia is committed to data privacy and security and is GDPR compliant, CCPA compliant, enhances OFCCP and EEO compliance, and is ISO 27001 certified.

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