Power your HR Applications with Talent Intelligence via API

With the global talent landscape rapidly changing and half of the global workforce needing immediate reskilling, companies are more dependent on talent data and talent intelligence than ever. In the past talent intelligence was hampered by the lack of clean, universal talent data and insight. Talent data is inherently dirty, and early attempts at building artificial intelligence replicated and exasperated system bias. 

Censia Talent Intelligence resolves these problems and provides access to both clean, standardized global talent data and ethically designed AI-powered talent intelligence. These give companies fair, current and actionable insights to power their talent acquisition and talent management efforts. 

How to add Censia Talent Intelligence to your ATS or HCMS

Companies can now access Talent Intelligence (for recruiting, passive sourcing and internal mobility) and Workforce Intelligence (workforce planning and competitive analysis) inside their native applications. 

Censia API Access 

Censia’s developer portal site gives companies all of the information they need to access comprehensive and actionable insights via a robust, system-agnostic REST API. This allows them to seamlessly power a variety of human resources and business intelligence applications.

Censia Integrations

Censia already has several turnkey integrations that extend and enhance the functionality of enterprise talent acquisition and talent management technology. These ATS and HRIS  integrations include SAP SuccessFactorsRecruiter.com, iCimsGreenhouseJobvite, and Phenom. We also have several new integrations in the pipeline. 

The Benefits of using Censia Talent Intelligence 

  1. Improved candidate quality and diversity
  2. Up to 90% reducing in resumé review and passive sourcing time
  3. Comprehensive, up-to-date Golden Record Profile on millions of people
  4. Access to complete candidate information and online profiles in one interface 
  5. Reduced costs on recruiters and job sites
  6. Improved internal mobility 
  7. In-house workforce planning capabilities

How Censia Talent Intelligence Works

The Censia Talent Intelligence Platform leverages machine learning and AI to aggregate and contextualize billions of data points to enable a data-driven approach to people decisions across the entire talent lifecycle, powering the future of HR decisions.

In order to achieve this, Censia collects a vast amount of data across data sources from professional networks, resumé databases, alumni associations, firmographic data and more. Companies may also leverage their own data set on top of ours or provide additional data sets.

This data is normalized, deduplicated and enriched to create a Golden Record, which acts as a single source of truth providing a 360 degree professional view of an individual.

Censia then uses this clean and standardized talent data to analyze and contextualize billions of data points turning people and company data into talent intelligence through machine learning and system intelligence, which are delivered into existing software solutions via API. 

Censia’s Commitment to Privacy and Compliance

Censia partners, purchases, creates and maintains a proprietary database, leverages public data sources and is able to integrate with your system of record so we can apply our insights to your data. To ensure the utmost privacy, Censia does not collect personal information, but rather aggregates the sources of information, anonymizes personal information, and derives the insights it uses to make recommendations from this anonymized information. Censia is GDPR compliant, enhances OFCCP and EEO compliance, and is ISO 27001 certified.

To learn more about how to implement Talent Intelligence and Workforce Intelligence into your ATS or HRIS software visit censiaclone.wpengine.com/request-demo/.

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