Smart Ways to Improve Recruiter Efficiency

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In the age of automation, efficiency is on everyone’s mind. Businesses are scrambling to do more, to do it more efficiently, and to reap a positive ROI. The key to doing it all is having the right people in place. In fact, a study found that one high performer is worth 12 low performers. The quest to improve recruiter efficiency is more important than ever. 

But all too often, the department in charge of finding those high performers is strapped for time and resources. Improving recruiter efficiency means streamlining talent acquisition processes and getting the right people in key positions more quickly. 

Here are some key strategies to increase recruiter efficiency: 

Tighten up your process

A prolonged talent search is not only detrimental to your recruiting ROI, it can damage morale both within the company and among applicants. As a matter of fact, 63% of candidates will reject a job offer if they had a bad candidate experience

Having a streamlined process means getting aligned with all departments early on, and effectively evaluating candidates along the way. Technology solutions such as Censia Talent Intelligence help accelerate this process in a number of ways. First, our predictive analytics recommends related skills and capabilities that may have been missed. This prevents highly qualified candidates from being excluded by ATS systems using keyword search. Additionally, it fills in subject matter expertise, meaning hiring managers and recruiters can build candidate models more quickly, and use a robust search model to evaluate candidates coming in. 

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Choose the best recruiting technology to increase recruiter efficiency

Even the best recruiters get tired and overwhelmed, especially if they are trying to stay afloat in a turnover tsunami when resignations and job applications are at an all-time high. 

Recruiting technology can significantly increase recruiter efficiency and effectiveness. Take for instance Censia’s ability to compare candidates across candidate pools, including previous applicants and current employees. Using these tools recruiters can tap into all key talent pools simultaneously. 

And that, when combined with ideal candidate modeling and predictive analytics can optimize your company’s recruitment efficiency significantly. Most Censia Talent Intelligence users reduce screening time by up to 90% and cut their time-to-hire in half.

Enlist your current workforce

Employee referral programs are a great way to make your recruitment process more efficient. Workers who know your organization are often in the best position to know who in their network will make a great addition to your team. But don’t take our word for it. Recent studies on employee referral programs show that they save employers about $7,500 per hire.

Clarify your evaluation criteria

Make sure your recruitment staff and hiring team have a clear set of objective criteria that reflect the job’s qualifications. Equip them with the tools they need to analyze each candidate’s background, education, experience, and skills against both other candidates and the job’s needs. 

Giving each member of the recruitment and hiring team a set of objective factors to evaluate in potential candidates helps speed things along by removing the vague guesswork of subjective analysis and uncertainty. 

Improve your job descriptions

Over 70% of all HR professionals believe they maintain clear job descriptions. Only 36 percent of job applicants agree. 

If you’re accepting job applications you’ll want to ensure that your job descriptions are as good as possible. Remember that these documents pull double duty. They communicate expectations to your employees, but they also advertise your company’s values and mission. This is a critical piece of the puzzle when hiring a younger demographic. 

Here are some tips on writing an effective job description!

Standardize your interviewing process

Using a standard set of questions and structuring your interview process similarly for each candidate helps you save time. It also helps you avoid unconscious biases in assessing each candidate’s performance. 

Consider promoting from within 

Finally, don’t overlook the pool of talent you already employ. The ideal person to fill your open position might be hiding right in your own company. Promoting from within your organization saves time and money, but more importantly, it creates a positive impact. 

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Recruit Smarter with Censia Talent Intelligence 

Censia Talent Intelligence offers recruiters a dynamic set of tools to accelerate and improve their talent acquisition, talent management, and workforce planning efforts. 

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