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Censia August Product Updates

Censia August Product Updates

At Censia, we continuously work to make our Talent Intelligence Platform smarter and more intuitive for recruiters and talent professionals.

This month, we’re excited to announce the release of a sought-after feature that will increase team collaboration and further reduce time spent on sourcing. 

Role Sharing

Censia Candidate slate with expanded “Share” button location
Candidate slate with expanded “Share” button location

Talent Intelligence users can now share their work, models, and insights with other team members. There is no limitation to how many members you can include in a shared role, and users will receive automatic updates when added to a role. 

Censia Expanded Role Sharing workflow and notification
Expanded Role Sharing workflow and notification.

All users will see how many team members are collaborating on a specific role or requisition via their Talent Intelligence Workspace dashboard.  

Censia workspace view with expanded Shared user drop-down
Workspace view with expanded Shared user drop-down

Gone are the days of sharing login details to view a colleague’s ranked slate. Censia’s new Role Sharing function increases your recruiting team’s productivity and teamwork. Now it’s easier than ever to copy someone’s Ideal Candidate Models and candidate filters, update and adapt them to your requisitions!

Censia Talent Intelligence is a comprehensive data platform that enables enterprises to find, develop and retain the best talent in the world by allowing data-driven talent decisions. We hope these updates will help make your recruitment work faster and more efficiently and that it will free their time to do what they do best: making meaningful connections with the right people. 

If you’re not a Censia TI customer and would like to learn more about this feature and our platform, please contact our sales team today or see our TI platform in action.

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