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A Talent Intelligence Platform that clones your top performers.

Data science and predictive intelligence to liberate your talent team

Customers we serve
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The most expensive decisions you make revolve around talent. Every day a position goes unfilled impacts productivity and growth. Recruiters need the most powerful tools possible to win today’s race for talent. We’re transforming talent acquisition into a strategic enabler of growth and trusted business partner.

We equip talent professionals with the power of predictive intelligence, helping them hire better people, with less bias, faster.


Powered by The Ideal Candidate Model and AI-driven Insight into the global talent pool, Censia intelligently matches enterprises with the most in-demand professionals in minutes, in an unbiased and objective way.

Talent Intelligence

Talent Intelligence automatically delivers sustainable pipelines of the most qualified and in-demand candidates for every role, through a powerful combination of ideal candidate modeling and predictive matching

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Talent Delivered

Censia Talent Delivered is a concierge-quality hiring service powered by Censia Talent Intelligence. We deliver the most qualified, in-demand candidates ready to be interviewed at enterprise scale

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"I believe in leveraging technology to allow people to be their best selves and enable talent teams to be strategic drivers at their companies."

This is the era of talent acquisition. Learn more about our philosophy on talent and how we tie it into everything we build.

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Revolutionize your hiring process.

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