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Find, Hire, Promote and Develop Talent with Transformative Data

Censia delivers actionable, AI-generated talent data, insights, and analytics, delivered seamlessly via API, giving companies the best-in-class access to structured talent data.

The Censia Advantage

How Censia Works
Data Aggregation
  • Over 2,000+ Source
  • Billion of Data Points
  • Company Data People
  • Data Talent Landscape Data
Data Normalization
  • Classify
  • Clean
  • Merge
  • Standardized
  • Index
Analysis & Insights
  • Company & Team Diversity
  • Talent Migration
  • Job Automation
  • Competitive Skills Benchmarking
  • Company Events
  • Compensation Analysis

Clients Making Smarter Talent Decisions with Censia

The most effective recruitment teams will use Artificial Intelligence [Censia] and other emerging technologies to reach passive candidates, drive diversity, and provide excellent candidate experience.

Sanjeev Sahgal

Talent Acquisition and Management Leader, Gerdau North America

The AI solution is a very innovative approach to sourcing that has advanced the Boolean string methodology into a 21st-century solution. Our recruiting team has appreciated the Censia solution’s AI algorithms to quickly identify highly qualified talent and how the solution has helped our recruiters see the contact information for prospects and reach out directly (versus through a system medium).

Joe Sinclair

HR Operations Manager, Dixon Hughes Goodman

A key benefit of the iCIMS and Censia partnership is the ability to look inside of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). There is a tremendous value, as there is a lot of qualified talent in the ATS that aren’t being accessed well. The Censia Solution is very easy to use.

Our organization has a very good adoption rate with the Censia solution. We’ve had a very strong response with building models and reaching out. 

Dennis Wilson

National Director Talent Attraction at American Heart Association

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