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Censia Talent Intelligence™ harnesses the power of AI to help enterprises scale faster and hire better people that stay longer, for a fraction of the time and cost it takes today.
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Recruiting Transformed

Censia’s Talent Intelligence™ Platform instantly models and delivers the best talent for your organization. Our comprehensive platform replaces writing job descriptions, posting positions, passive searching, reviewing resumes and previous applicants, and searching the company for candidates with two clicks and intuitive search filters.

Ideal Candidate Modeling

AI models talent based on deep similarity scoring across multiple aspects

Intelligent Passive Sourcing

Gain immediate access to the most qualified passive talent that isn’t applying

Instant Candidate Comparisons

Compare talent across incoming applications, previous candidates

Complete Talent Landscape

Censia maps the entire talent landscape, providing deep insight into 500 million+ professionals

ATS Talent Rediscovery

Resurface qualified past applicants & sourced candidates & match them to open jobs

Instant Candidate Ranking

Rank inbound applicants across all roles. Fairly and efficiently filter all candidates in your ATS

Complete Talent Profiles

Gain insights on career trajectory, performance, loyalty, diversity, education and more

Internal Mobility Matching

Reveal which candidates are eligible for promotion, improving retention and reducing flight risk


Reduction in recruiting cost


Faster time to hire


Faster time to interview

A New Paradigm in Recruiting

Censia is an ML/AI platform that changes the way companies search for talent. We could tell you all the benefits ourselves, but our customers say it better.

How Censia Transforms Hiring

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