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Our core mission at Censia is to eradicate human bias in talent search. Just as Netflix and Spotify revolutionized movies and music, Censia is enabling the discovery of top talent. We are leveraging AI to change the way we search for talent, to change behaviors in talent acquisition, which will ultimately remove human bias that is affecting billions of professionals around the world.

The New Battle Ground: Employee Experience Fueling HR Innovation

September 18, 2019 | Courtesy of SAP SuccessFactors

Hear from companies in SAP’s partner ecosystem on the HR innovations that are challenging traditional thinking and streamlining old processes. Learn how AI, machine learning, predictive analytics are helping companies create people- first cultures, and how those cultures are making for smarter more engaged, and more creative employees.

Recruiting Is More Challenging Than Ever

Source Top Talent

of firms say they can’t find qualified talent for their roles

Hire Better and Faster

average time it takes for a recruiter to source for a role

Build Diverse Teams

higher revenue due to innovation in companies with diverse teams

Access people data with greater accuracy

A key benefit of the SAP SuccessFactors and Censia partnership is the ability to look inside of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). There is a tremendous value, as there is a lot of qualified talent in the ATS that aren’t being accessed well. The Censia Solution is very easy to use. 

Our organization has a very good adoption rate with the Censia solution. We’ve had a very strong response with building models and reaching out. 

Dennis Wilson, National Director Talent Attraction at American Heart Association

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