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People Intelligence for the Modern Talent Acquisition World

Combine data, intelligence, and predictive capabilities to transform your talent team.

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Customers we serve
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Censia is a people-obsessed company that believes talent is an organization’s most valuable asset. We exist to deliver the best talent to enterprises in the most efficient way possible through the power of intelligent technology. 

We’re transforming talent acquisition into a strategic partner that shapes the future of the company.


Powered by artificial intelligence and our proprietary database of half a billion professionals, Censia intelligently matches enterprises with the most in-demand professionals with radical efficiency.

People Data Services

Unlock the value of your ATS by automatically updating, de-duplicating, cleaning, and enriching your data. Finally, talent acquisition teams can source from their most valuable data assets, the ATS.

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Talent On-Demand

Talent On-Demand automatically delivers sustainable pipelines of the most qualified and in-demand candidates for every role, through a powerful combination of ideal candidate modeling and predictive matching.

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"I believe in leveraging technology to allow people to be their best selves and enable talent teams to be strategic drivers at their companies."

This is the era of talent acquisition. Learn more about our philosophy on talent and how we tie it into everything we build.

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Revolutionize your hiring process.

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