Data-Driven, People-Centric

Harness the power of deep system intelligence applied to an exceptional master dataset to recruit, develop, and retain a high-quality, diverse workforce and forecast future talent needs with Censia Talent Intelligence.


Faster time to interview


Reduction in recruiting costs


Faster time to hire


Greater applicant diversity


More qualified candidates per role


Hours time saved per role


Greater performance with internal hires


Reduction in employee turnover


Faster productivity with re-skilling

Unleash The Potential of Talent Intelligence

Continuous, comprehensive, and actionable insights across the entire talent management lifecycle help you scale quickly, enable innovation, and improve operational excellence for a fraction of the time and cost it takes today.

Workforce Planning

Prepare for the future

  • Identify workforce skill gaps, where you need to be hiring, what roles should you avoid
  • Track alignment with diversity and inclusion initiatives and benchmark against industry standards
  • Understand your competitive talent landscape by comparing talent pools and identifying employee migration trends

Talent Acquisition

Spend time connecting, not searching

  • Identify highly qualified and capable candidates in seconds
  • Rank best-fit candidates automatically and get instant candidate comparisons
  • Eliminate unconscious bias in sourcing

Talent Optimization

Bring out their best

  • Match current employee talent capabilities to new in-demand roles
  • Uncover internal mobility opportunities for existing employees
  • Improve employee engagement and decrease churn

Enhance Your Existing Set-Up

Censia Talent Intelligence integrates with many leading HR systems and is also offered as a completely headless solution to power systems of record.

Seeing Is Believing

Are you ready? Request a personalized demo to see it in action.

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