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Use Company-First Search to find your Industry’s Best Talent

December Product Updates

At Censia, we continuously work to make our Talent Intelligence Platform smarter and more intuitive for recruiters and talent professionals.

Here are a few recent updates we’ve made to help you and your talent team thrive:

  • Build hyper-targeted lists for market intelligence and passive sourcing with Company Search & Company Lists.
  • Search for candidates globally and support your remote hiring initiatives with our new Enhanced Location search input. 

Company Search & Company Lists

Censia’s Talent Intelligence doesn’t stop at people. We also have extensive data and insights on companies around the globe. This data includes company size, locations, revenue, events (funding, mergers, etc), and more. 

This data empowers TI users with the ability to search by companies, industries, events, build hyper-targeted company lists. You can then leverage those company lists for candidate filtering, and to conduct competitive research. 

Below are some examples of how company search can supercharge your talent search. 

Censia TAI interface
Company Search Landing Page – expanded search inputs

First, Censia TI users can assess the availability of certain skills and titles in certain regions and companies using Company Search.

TI users can also research companies in the same way they do candidates. Build and save lists of companies that have competitive talent, and apply these lists to a candidate model search. 

Get deep company insights by opening a company’s profile card (which is similar to a candidate profile card). This card contains contact details (address, URL, social links), main company characteristics, company stage (funding events), a general description/summary, similar companies, and related sectors, industry, and verticals.

Censia TAI interface
Company Top Ranked List and expanded company profile card

TI users can also use Company Search as a starting point for a talent search. Many recruiting companies–especially executive search firms–start a search by identifying the companies that have the talent they need. Once they have that list, they scour the current employees to find the skills and titles they are looking for, to source highly relevant passive candidates for an open role (and possibly poach them), and to refine their own job description to improve inbound applications. 


Talent Teams can now do all of their competitive intelligence research work in Censia, without having to toggle between a search engine and their ATS. 

BONUS: Top Ranked Company Lists 

TI users have access to several pre-curated company lists by Censia. These lists are grouped under the following categories “Fastest Growing”, “Largest Companies”, “Most Innovative” and “All-Star Brands” and include lists featured in national publications such as Inc., Forbes, Fortune, and Time.

Talent Teams can apply these lists to their candidate model searches to instantly hone in on the companies with the world’s best talent. 

Enhanced Location Search Input

Our world is interconnected more than ever, and the globalization and remote work of the workforce has become the norm rather than the exception especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. Recruiters have had to adapt to search for employees outside of regular office locations, and HR teams have had to learn to manage and recruit remote/global teams. This is why we’ve updated our location search input with more options. 

Censia TI users now have the ability to search within a specific country and within a specific state. Users will also be able to switch to km when searching outside of the US and UK. 

Censia TAI interface

Furthermore, users will also be able to select ‘Remote Position’ as a location search input option.

Censia TAI interface

These enhancements give Talent teams the ability to navigate these remote waters and global workforce with the tools to source quality candidates wherever they may be, as well as keeping their teams up to par against competitors by engaging people from wherever they are located. 

Censia Talent Intelligence is a comprehensive data platform that enables enterprises to find, develop and retain the best talent in the world by allowing data-driven talent decisions. We hope these updates will help make your team’s recruitment work faster and more efficiently and that it will free the time to do what they do best: making meaningful connections with the right people. 

If you’re not a Censia TI customer and would like to learn more about these features and our platform, please contact our sales team today or see our TI platform in action.

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