Censia launches 2020 Trends in Talent Intelligence Benchmark Survey

Talent intelligence – the use of artificial intelligence in finding, assessing and hiring talent – has transformed the way that companies find talent and create internal mobility for their employees.

It has enabled recruiters to drastically reduce the amount of time they spend reviewing resumés and searching for passive candidates. It has freed up an average of 20 hours or more of recruiting time per candidate and allowed recruiters to provide a better recruiting experience and to focus on securing top talent more quickly.

Despite these benefits, less than 22% of companies are using artificial intelligence to solve their hiring challenges.

We launched the 10-minute 2020 Trends in Talent Intelligence survey to better understand the gap between the 78% of companies struggling to fill key roles and the 22% of companies using AI in recruiting.

This survey will measure attitudes, understanding, and expectations towards artificial intelligence.

Everyone who participates in the survey will be sent a copy of the 2020 Trends in Talent Intelligence Report, and can also sign up to receive further training on how to use artificial intelligence technology in their human resources department.

The companies that have started implementing talent intelligence have reported saving 25 hours or more in screening and sourcing time, 85% faster time to interview and 50% faster time to hire, greater diversity, and an average of $2,000 savings in human resources costs per hire.

Curious to know how AI transforms the hiring process?

Feel free to visit www.censia.com to schedule a brief demo of our Talent Intelligence Platform, so you can see first hand how artificial intelligence may transform your hiring process.

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