Matching displaced talent with the companies that need it
2.4M Affected candidates are part of ReadyToHire and are actively being matched for jobs at over 50 Global Enterprises
36M Workers unemployed

Getting Displaced Workers Rehired

COVID-19 has left more than 30 million unemployed. While some companies are reducing their workforce, others have urgent hiring needs. We are using our unique platform and AI capabilities to help them connect instantly. Learn more below.

For Job Seekers

Censia uses AI to help companies find the talent they need. If you or someone you know recently lost your job, we want to help you get rehired as quickly as possible. By signing up for the ReadyToHire module, you will receive a special tag in our software and will be featured in matching job searches by companies with urgent hiring needs. We will also provide you with a resource kit to upgrade your hireability.

For job Seekers

Once you add your name to the database, you will receive:

  • Priority positioning in search results for companies hiring talent.
  • An AI-enriched profile to highlight your most marketable and transferable skills.
  • Free access to career development tools to accelerate and simplify your job search.

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For Companies Downsizing

Layoffs are difficult. To help you in this time of crisis, we are offering all companies facing layoffs the ability to submit a list of their laid-off employees to us. We will add a special label to their profiles and add them to our database of more than 500 million global professionals, where they will be given priority in search results. We are also making our signature AI-powered talent search technology available for free to anyone hiring from this database.

For Companies Downsizing

By sending us your displaced employee’s information, you will:

  • Get them immediate exposure to companies experiencing a surge in hiring.
  • Ensure their profiles will be highlighted in all search results.
  • Enrich their talent profiles with artificial intelligence, connecting them to more opportunities.
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For Companies Hiring

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused a massive shift in the talent pool. To better help companies find the best talent in the shortest time possible, we created the ReadyToHire module, which helps companies with urgent hiring needs instantly find and connect to the highly qualified talent that is ready to start working today.

For Companies with Urgent Hiring Needs
Companies experiencing a hiring surge will receive:
  • Access the ReadyToHire database at no charge, no installation or integrations necessary.
  • Receive enriched talent profiles that give you complete confidence and insight into your potential candidates.
  • Access a ranked list of matched candidates with proven ability to succeed in the role.
  • Receive additional incentives for hiring displaced talent.
  • The chance to be featured for contributing the most to rehire those affected.