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Power data-driven HR decision making with Censia

The Censia Talent Intelligence Platform provides comprehensive and actionable talent insights delivered through a robust API. Reap all of the benefits of the best talent and workforce intelligence in your native software solution.

Talent Intelligence

Talent Intelligence endpoints provide information around individual skills, titles, profiles and more including candidate modeling and slate creation. Use these endpoints to find ideal candidates and identify features of a good candidate.


Standardization endpoints provide a standardized version of company names, skills, industry terms, locales and more.

Recruiting Intelligence

Recruiting Intelligence endpoints provide the information needed to make the most strategic moves in where and when to hire your talent.

Market Insights

Market Insights endpoints provide information surrounding Censia’s genomes, proficiencies, and workforce intelligence cohorts. Use these endpoints to collect data on your hiring performance vs. your competitors.

The core data API class provides access to root data values, derivatives and analytics class adds basic data processing, proprietary analytics and data science, and the intelligence class leverages deep system intelligence to provide in-depth modeling and marketplace analytics.

Powering Use Cases Across The Entire Talent Lifecycle

Talent Acquisition Use Cases

Passive Sourcing
Candidate Screening
Candidate Rediscovery
Internal Mobility
Diversity & Inclusion
Candidate Experience

Talent Management Use Cases

Upskilling & Reskilling
Skills Intelligence
Talent Mapping
Workforce Planning
Gap Analysis
Competitive Intelligence

How it works

Data Collection

Censia collects a vast amount of data across data sources from professional networks, résumé databases, alumni associations, firmographic data and more. You may also leverage your own data set on top of ours or provide additional data sets.

Data Normalization

Once collected, Censia normalizes, deduplicates, enriches, and maps thousands of factors on hundreds of millions of professionals to create what we call the Censia Golden Record. This Golden Record acts as the single source of truth providing a 360 degree professional view of an individual.

Insights & Intelligence

Working with a clean and standardized source of truth in the Golden Record, Censia is able to analyze and contextualize billions of data points, turning people and company data into talent intelligence through machine learning and system intelligence. These insights help determine if an individual will thrive and perform in a given role.

Delivered Via Our API

Censia integrates natively with many leading ATS solutions, and is offered through front end and completely headless. Censia’s insights and intelligence can be delivered through our robust and highly secure API with multiple endpoints to your native application.

Our REST API allows developers to integrate with our Talent Intelligence Platform.

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