Hiring Transformed

We designed the Censia Talent Intelligence Platform to transform the hiring process – shifting energy by using artificial intelligence to automate redundant and unproductive tasks and freeing recruiter time to connect with and secure top talent.

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Censia’s Talent Intelligence Platform instantly models and delivers the best talent for your organization. Our comprehensive platform replaces writing job descriptions, posting positions, passive searching, reviewing resumes and previous applicants and searching the company for candidates with two clicks and intuitive search filters.

Ideal Candidate Modeling

AI models talent based on deep similarity scoring across multiple aspects

Intelligent Passive Sourcing

Gain immediate access to the most qualified passive talent that isn’t applying

Instant Candidate Comparisons

Compare talent across incoming applications, previous candidates

Complete Talent Landscape

Censia maps the entire talent landscape, providing deep insight into 500 million+ professionals

ATS Talent Rediscovery

Resurface qualified past applicants & sourced candidates & match them to open jobs

Instant Candidate Ranking

Rank inbound applicants across all roles. Fairly and efficiently filter all candidates in your ATS

Complete Talent Profiles

Gain insights on career trajectory, performance, loyalty, diversity, education and more

Internal Mobility Matching

Reveal which candidates are eligible for promotion, improving retention and reducing flight risk

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Intelligence in Action

Censia has transformed every part of the hiring process, making it faster, more data-driven and efficient, and less biased.

Censia Talent Intelligence Platform: The Future of Hiring

Before Talent Intelligence

After Talent Intelligence


Managers and recruiters create JDs based on simple keywords.


Managers instantly clone top performers based on skills, experience, and more.

Job Description

Job descriptions use limited titles and simple keywords, shrinking the pool of available candidates and leading to missed talent.


Censia creates networks of related skills, job titles, professional characteristics, degrees, certificates and more to create a multi-dimensional candidate model.

Recruiters post job descriptions on several platforms and spend 25 hours on passive sourcing.

Censia instantly sources passive candidates and ranks them alongside incoming applicants, previous applicants from your ATS and qualified current employees.

Recruiters spend 20 hours scanning 250+ resumes, 88% of which are not suitable. Decisions are made in six seconds and prone to bias.

Censia instantly scores and ranks candidates, recruiters have ample time to review profiles and connect with talent.

Recruiters rely on candidate-written profiles, limiting the talent pool missing passive talent.

Censia compiles professional profiles from 2,000+ sources, analyzes company size, tenure, trajectory and other factors to give deeper insights into candidates.

Recruiters struggle to upskills existing employees and retention.

With one click, Censia adds existing employees to the ranked and scored slate of candidates for easy side-by-side comparison.

ATS are filled with previous applicants interested in working at the company, but recruiters struggle to access the information.

Instantly resurfaces previous applicants in the ATS who match new roles for faster hiring and more interested applicants.

Invest additional resources and training to increase diversity, but struggle to eliminate unconscious bias in their hiring.

Receive qualified talent stripped of race, sex, age, and more, instantly reducing bias and creating a fairer, more diverse workplace.