We Are Censia

Censia transforms how companies make talent decisions, shifting from inefficient manual processes to predictive intelligence and automation. A company’s most valuable asset is its talent, but acquiring great talent is getting tougher. Hiring great people is more important than ever, but 95% of qualified candidates aren’t applying for your open jobs. It’s time to empower talent professionals with smarter ways to hire the best people faster.

Data science and predictive intelligence for talent acquisition

Our Purpose

The most expensive decisions you make revolve around talent. Every day a position goes unfilled impacts productivity and growth. Recruiters need the most powerful tools possible to win today’s race for talent. We equip talent professionals with the power of predictive intelligence, helping them hire better people, with less bias, faster.

Recruiting Fueled by Data Science

Censia Talent Intelligence surfaces insights that just can’t be found with search. Algorithms cluster major data categories like Titles, Skills, Work History, Educational Organizations, Degrees, and Certifications. Boolean search simply can’t compete with the insights derived from mapping trillions of associations across the entire talent pool. We built a highly scalable data platform and ingested hundreds of millions of talent profile records from thou-sands of global data sources. A standardized Golden Record for every person makes this real data science possible.

Better Candidates with Less Bias

Even the best recruiters are susceptible to unconscious bias and inconsistency across hundreds of resumes. All too often, things like name, gender, race, ethnicity, group affiliation, and appearance prevent the best candidates from getting to the interview table. Censia ideal candidate models and algorithms deliberately exclude the attributes that contribute to human bias in hiring. We recommend the best people. Period.

Recruiters + AI = The Future

It’s not a choice of manual search or AI decision making. It’s about empowering talent professionals. Think of us as the recruiting Iron Man suit, powering talent acquisition teams to become what they should be, strategic enablers of growth and trusted business partners for the entire company.

Triple your Recruiting Capacity

Getting to a great slate of candidates in minutes eliminates hours of manual search effort. Talent professionals focus on high-value tasks that improve the candidate experience and help them close great talent.

A True Talent Intelligence Platform​

Censia Talent Intelligence is not just data; it is a powerful platform that makes predictive technology and data science accessible to every talent professional through an intuitive and flexible interface.

Ideal Candidate Modeling

Modeling The Ideal Candidate is a great process for uncovering true hiring manager needs and getting aligned on the profile of the perfect hire. Find people that really fit the job, the team, and the company


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