Leverage Technology to Move from Reactive to Proactive Hiring

Leverage Technology to Move from Reactive to Proactive Hiring

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Hiring is simple: you have an open position, and you fill it… but it’s not really that simple anymore. Being reactive instead of proactive is frowned on in almost every aspect of a business, so why should recruitment be any different?

Imagine how much more efficient and productive your organization could be if you anticipated staffing needs in advance. How you act now to take advantage of recruitment technology will determine whether or not you are successful in making the shift from reactive to proactive hiring.

Nearly 41% of new hires found their current job through an aggregator. Employees are embracing technology to find the right employer. You can also embrace technology to source the best candidates.

Maintaining Relationships with Great Candidates

You can identify either great candidates for recruitment or perfect employees for promotion well before they are needed and work on maintaining light touch relationships in anticipation of recruitment down the road.

Only 15 percent of global business leaders surveyed say that they believe their companies do an excellent job with potential future talent. You can use technology to help when it comes to cultivating and monitoring long-term relationships.

Censia Solutions:

Use Complete Talent Profiles to track career trajectories and increasing skills or knowledge in candidates you have identified as “high value” but haven’t found a place for yet. Reach out occasionally, if only to ask their opinion on a social post or to congratulate them on a career milestone. Map out the Complete Talent Landscape to widen your pool of best-match candidates.

Conducting Proactive Candidate Sourcing

Building a talent database of silver medalists is always a good idea, even if you only utilize it as a way to work your way down a list if an opening becomes available. However, much of your previously gathered information can be outdated by the time that happens, and you could miss out on highly skilled workers who have been working hard to expand their knowledge since you saw them last.

Censia Solutions:

Hook Censia into your own system and use ATS Talent Rediscovery to find past candidates who might be an even better fit now. This ensures you have an updated profile on hand, and you might even realize a previous applicant could be ideal for a brand new position in your company. You can also use Internal Mobility Matching to resurface candidates you hired for one role who might be ready to step into another.

Enabling Recruitment Teams with Advanced Tools

More than 80% of recruitment professionals believe technology use for outreach/sourcing, screening, and application processes will increase over the next three years. By investing in talent discovery options that surface top candidates from the widest possible pool of applicants, you increase your chances of filling future knowledge and skills gaps with qualified personnel.

One out of four recruiters is already using AI to screen resumes and applications. Partnering with recruitment specialists who are equipped with the latest in technology can improve applicant matches for open positions and help you gather data on candidates you can use later for future hiring needs.

Censia Solutions:

Intelligent Passive Sourcing helps you find applicants who may not even realize they can benefit from a career move. Ideal Candidate Modeling lets you identify passive candidates with your most-needed skills. Instant Candidate Comparison and Instant Applicant Ranking builds a fast, accurate list you can immediately add to your files for outreach and relationship cultivation.

By moving away from the traditional reactive approach to recruiting and leaning instead on the more progressive proactive recruitment methodology, you will be better able to leverage the power of technology for real-time recruitment.

Censia’s plug-and-play system makes it easy to keep top candidates for current and future roles at the forefront, updating constantly with your ATS integration. It’s the best way to use technology to your advantage for proactive hiring now and in the years to come.

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