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Supercharge Your Talent Decisions

Talent insights, analytics and data for better HR strategy, workforce planning, recruiting, and more.

Enhance Workforce Planning

Create more informed and strategic workforce plans with global talent landscape insights to help you identify workforce gaps, understand the competitive talent landscape and evaluate evolving skills trends.

Analyze Your Existing Workforce

Identify current talent challenges and opportunities within your current workforce from benchmarks against current diversity initiatives, to comparing current skills with the evolving market and identifying opportunities for internal mobility or improving employee engagement.

Understand Individual & Person Level Insights

Supercharge your recruiting efforts, find and develop top talent and take a granular look at how titles and individual skills are evolving.

Clean Up Talent Data

Censia’s data normalization process takes mass amounts of data and makes it usable by standardizing it to our proprietary taxonomy. Our data standardization process can help you make more sense of the unstructured talent data lying in your own systems.

The Censia Advantage

Data Aggregation
  • Over 2,000+ Source
  • Billion of Data Points
  • Company Data People
  • Data Talent Landscape Data
Data Normalization
  • Classify
  • Clean
  • Merge
  • Standardize
  • Index
Analysis & Insights
  • Company & Team Diversity
  • Talent Migration
  • Job Automation
  • Competitive Skills Benchmarking
  • Company Events
  • Compensation Analysis

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