Talent Acquisition Intelligence


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Effortlessly build world-class teams that will drive your organization forward.

Censia adds AI-powered search functionality to your recruiting process, giving you access to best-in-class talent data, and multidimensional search that instantly pinpoints the talent you need to realize your company’s most ambitious goals. No tech migration required.

Best-in-Class Talent Data

Trillions of data points, cleaned, categorized and correlated for instant insights, including filling in skills and capabilities the candidate may have missed..

Search by Company, Industry & Event

Discover the best talent in any company, group of companies, industry and even by company events, such as IPOs and M&As.

Specify 27+ aspects in seconds to pinpoint the exact talent you need.

Designed for Diversity

Censia delivers unparalleled diversity search combined with anonymous mode, delivering diversity while also ensuring OFCCP compliance and fairness.


Recruiting Output


Time to Hire


Increased Diversity

Recruiting has never been simpler


Quickly build an ideal candidate model, company or industry search


Refine desired skills and capabilities


Easily review and rank candidates with AI-generated summaries.


Access and export all candidate data to any ATS


Contact finalist candidates to unlock organizational potential

Discover what’s possible with Censia Talent Acquisition Intelligence.

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