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Data Science


Data Science



Data science is the mathematical discipline that extracts knowledge and insights from data in its various forms.


Think of data science as the process of reflection. As you reflect on many past experiences, you identify trends and insights to help form conclusions and make better decisions. Data science algorithms enable this in software.

why Data Science in Recruiting

The information explosion that has come with the internet age has been more burdensome than beneficial for recruiters. Today’s talent professionals must sort through thousands of resumes and online profiles for every job posting. Sourcing qualified candidates at this scale thoroughly and consistently, without being influenced by bias, is an impossible ask. The systematic, error-free analysis of billions of data points is possible with data science techniques.

How we use data science

Finding the ideal candidate requires analyzing a massive amount of people data for key insights. Data science make this possible in seconds, not days.

Expand Your Universe of
Qualified Candidates

Widen your search to half a billion candidates and source with a 140 talent attribute-view that paints the picture of what makes each candidate qualified and unique.

Complex Models,
Simplified Search

Our algorithms map similarities between thousands of search criteria. Stay ahead of the constantly evolving body of titles, skills, degrees, and more.

Gain insights that solve large scale talent problems.
Harness the power of data science.

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