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Data Platform

Meet the core of Censia’s technology platform: a data factory built to process trillions of observations and create the golden record of truth for every candidate.

What is The Data Platform

Architected to contain the definitive library of working professionals, our data platform takes a multitude of constantly updating public and proprietary data sources to create an accurate, reliable, and up-to-date golden record for each candidate.


Censia's data platform was engineered to process data at an enterprise scale. Our technology creates and constantly updates our proprietary dataset of 90% of the U.S.’ white-collar professionals. Here's how it’s done:

Data Quality Management

Validate, clean, normalize, and standardize data gathered across multiple sources. Our platform creates a constantly updated golden record of truth for each candidate.

Enterprise Scalable

Built to scale, our platform processes terabytes of data without the need for human interaction.  Instantly clean and enrich your database whether it holds thousands or the hundreds of millions candidates.

Data Security Best Practices

Orientating towards ISO 27001 standards, our platform follows best practices for authentication, B2B integration, secure interconnectivity, network and system monitoring, role based permissions, and logging.

Candidate Database built for enterprises

Built to be the definitive database for all all working professionals, our data platform architecture utilizes enterprise-grade, scalable technologies such as Scala, Spark, and DynamoDB to ensure the utmost reliability and security.

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