Strategic Data-Driven 
Workforce Planning

Proactively prepare for future talent needs with timely and accurate market insights delivered seamlessly through a cloud-based platform.

Continuous & Actionable

Censia Workforce Intelligence provides continuous and actionable insights to enable data-driven and strategic workforce planning at every step.



Develop strategic hiring and talent management plans to build a more resilient and future-ready workforce


Uncover gaps or hidden bounties of skills and capabilities to usher in a new era of workforce prosperity


Advise company stakeholders on effective talent acquisition strategies for accurate budgeting and hiring needs 


Monitor and benchmark performance against industry standards, competitors, company goals, and/or regulatory requirements 


Pinpoint trends in emerging occupations, geographic anomalies, and talent shortages to quickly adjust workforce plans to market conditions and emerging trends

The Censia Advantage

Power future talent decisions with deep system intelligence combined with a high-quality master data set.

Expand your perspective

Comprehensive Data Set

From professional networks and resumé databases to alumni associations, firmographic data, global job openings, and beyond, our cloud-based data platform leverages billions of data points across professional and company profiles to provide a comprehensive source of information.

Don’t be mislead by dirty data

The Golden Record

The quality of the data matters just as much as the sample size. Censia provides a Golden Record that acts as a single source of truth providing a 360-degree professional view of an individual for high-quality data you can count on.

Go beyond keyword matching

Talent Genome

Leverage a talent-centric approach to human capital decisions. The Talent Genome leverages a proprietary taxonomy to cluster skills and experience revealing hidden insights and capabilities that help determine if an individual will thrive in a given role.

Drill into real-time insights

Continuous & Granular Insights

Our data refreshes every 40 seconds to give you the most up-to-date information available continuously.  You can slice and dice those insights to suit your needs, and even drill-down into individual profiles or granular data points. 

Cutting-edge data science methodologies

Advanced System Intelligence


Derivatives from our Machine Learning and Data Science initiatives are used in advanced indexing techniques. We are constantly tuning across different attributes, customized dictionaries, and relationships between these properties for performance and relevance matching.

An industry-leading API-first approach

Seamless Delivery

Our robust and highly secure API allows the insights and intelligence from our cloud-based data platform to be delivered in a variety of ways. Whether you want to integrate with an existing HR system, use our UI or power your native applications, we’re here to power your talent data needs.

Want to see Workforce Intelligence in action?