Talent Intelligence​

We equip talent professionals with the power of predictive intelligence. Hire better people, faster, with less bias.​


Recruiters need the most powerful tools possible to win today’s race for talent. Censia’s Talent Intelligence Platform brings data science and predictive capabilities to make the most seasoned recruiters more efficient and boost the capacities of the most junior staff, eliminating manual work for everyone. Model The Ideal Candidate and get a ranked slate of top matches in minutes, and start interviewing in days.


Talent Intelligence instantly matches the market’s highest fit, most qualified, in-demand candidates to any open role. Here’s how:

Intelligent Modeling

Rather than starting with keyword search from a job description, model The Ideal Candidate using real people to develop an unbiased, performance-based profile of the perfect hire.

  • Modeling based on real people – top performers in your company or the industry – focuses on what really makes a great hire.
  • AI candidate models use up to 140 talent attributes to create a comprehensive, searchable profile.
  • Adjust the model using AI-recommended terms and see changes to the matching candidate pool in real-time.

Sourcing at Enterprise Scale

To power Censia Talent Intelligence we built a highly scalable data platform and invested hundreds of millions of profile records on talent, from thousands of global data sources.

  • Our database contains half a billion of the world’s professionals and is constantly updated and verified through multiple data sources.
  • A standardized Golden Record for every person makes real data science possible.
  • Boolean search simply can’t compete with the insights derived from mapping trillions of associations across the entire talent pool.

Quality Slate of Candidates

Censia ideal candidate models and algorithms deliberately exclude the attributes that contribute to human bias in hiring. We recommend the best people. Period.

  • Getting to a great slate of candidates in minutes eliminates hours of manual search effort, boosting recruiter efficiency up to 10x.
  • Talent professionals focus on high-value tasks that improve the candidate experience and help them close great talent.
  • Find people that really fit the job, the team, and the company.

Censia's Talent Intelligence Platform to make more informed Talent Acquisition decisions.

Data Platform

Processes trillions of observations resulting in the most complete, most up-to-date, and most trustworthy version of People and Company information, mastered into candidate profiles.

Data Science

Encompasses hireability, career trajectory, profile summaries, correlations of work experience to industries and company types, high potential exceptional candidates, diversity, and much more.

Data Quality and Security

Robust data quality methodology focused on Talent Acquisition decision points that capably handles data validity, variability, and veracity at volume.

Enterprise Scalability

Built to dynamically scale based upon your business needs.

Increase your team’s efficiency and ROI.
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