Censia Customer Advisory Board

Customer Advisory Board

We’re on a mission to democratize talent, and we want best-practices feedback from other people-obsessed professionals.​


The Censia Customer Advisory Board program gives early adopters of our Talent Intelligence Platform access to a completely new paradigm in sourcing. Predictive Candidate Modeling does away with cut-and-paste job descriptions and boolean search strings filled with bias. Advisory board members get no-charge access to the platform in exchange for product feedback and roadmap guidance.

What You Get From Us

We invite you and your team to use the Censia Talent Intelligence Platform free of charge for 6 months. You need recruiting strategies and tools to find and engage the perfect person for every role, keeping diversity and inclusion as core values. We think we can triple your recruiting capacity, and help you find better people. And you get to help shape the future of Talent Acquisition.

What We Ask of You

All we ask is that your team use the platform to find and engage new talent, and tell us about the experience. This best-practices feedback is key to turning our vision into practical tools that equip talent professionals with the power of predictive intelligence. Your participation will help us advance the state of the art technology in Talent Intelligence.

In order to participate in the program, we ask that you:

  • Use our integration between the Censia Talent Intelligence Platform and your ATS or CRM system.
  • Join us for monthly calls to collect your feedback and provide feedback on our upcoming product road map.
  • Approve our use of your company logo on censia.com
  • Agree to a case study summary of your experience with the platform.

Your TA team should be spending their time engaging with top talent, not searching across networks and creating boolean search strings.

“To join the program, please click the button below to complete the sign-up form or email us at  info@censia.com, and we will set up a call to talk through the details and get you signed up.”

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