Internal Mobility Matching

Censia reveals which candidates are eligible for promotion and upskilling, improving retention and reducing flight risk, and giving management a complete understanding of their company’s talent assets as they evolve.

How it Works

Create your ideal candidate model by cloning your top performer, your ideal employee, or a set of skills you seek.


Model your ideal candidate

Create the model based on an open job role, the predecessor in the company or someone at another company. 


Do a quick search inside your company

Censia instantly analyzes your employees to reveal who is ready to move into the role. 


Receive instant results

Censia instantly delivers a ranked shortlist of the internal talent that is ready for promotion to the new role. 

See Censia Talent Intelligence in Action

Censia has transformed every part of the hiring process, making it faster, less biased, and more efficient.


Greater effectiveness with internal promotions


Savings compared to external hires


Faster time to productivity

How it Works


Create your ideal candidate model by cloning your top performer, your ideal employee, or a set of skills you’d like to hire for.


Censia predicts which candidates are most likely to succeed in a role by mapping out related skills and analyzes dozens of career factors.


The Censia Talent Intelligence Platform instantly analyzes dozens of factors to predict which can Censia instantly searches more than 500 million professionals in ints talent intelligence platform to find candidates who match the ideal candidate model didate is most likely to thrive.


You receive a ranked and scored shortlist of candidates with comprehensive career data and intuitive filters.

Before Talent Intelligence

After Talent Intelligence

Talent Teams struggle to balance recruiting with promotion.
Talent Teams can instantly compare talent from all sources.
Employees are subject to manager bias and busy schedules and often passed for promotion.
Employees are selected on the basis of merit and ability to succeed in a new role.

The Results

Faster hiring speed and time to mobility
Average 17% savings over outside talent.

Before Talent Intelligence

After Talent Intelligence

Lengthy review processes discourage internal mobility.
All employees are fairly vetted and promoted.
Roles take approximately 3-5 weeks to fill.
Roles can be filled in days, often from within, reducing churn and improving morale.

The Results

Candidates perform better due to improved skills matching
Talent teams can easily balance internal promotions and external hires

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