Censia Talent Intelligence Platform + SAP Success Factors


Censia adds AI-powered talent intelligence directly into the SuccessFactors Recruiting Suite that transforms the way enterprises recruit, providing SAP SuccessFactors customers with recruiting efficiency standardization.

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Integration Partner

Censia Talent Intelligence for SAP SuccessFactors was designed for seamless integration. Simply launch Censia from the homepage tile to harness the power of AI and predictive intelligence within the recruiting suite.

85% Faster Time to Interview

Censia + SAP SuccessFactors reduces the average time to interview from 4 weeks to less than one week. 

Increase your Recruiting ROI

Talent Teams using Censia + Sap SuccessFactors see an average 6x increase in recruiting ROI. 

50% Faster Time to Hire

Censia’s talent insights and faster time to interview allows talent teams to make the best decisions in less time. 

Optimized Performance

Better skills matching, more diversity and faster placements create a ripple-effect of high performance throughout the company. 

Integration Benefits

  • Discover, engage, and hire the best candidates with accuracy and speed
  • Triple recruiting capacity by reducing manual search time
  • Reduce time to interview by 85%, time to hire by 50%
  • Triple candidate diversity and quality
  • Instantly model and source the most qualified candidate for your role
  • Free time to focus on what’s important: the candidate experience, diversity, and internal mobility

Integration Guide

Instantly Triple your Talent Pool Diversity with Talent Intelligence

Despite major advances in policy and company initiatives, 40% of companies still struggle to find diverse talent and 38% of companies struggle to retain it.

The benefits of diverse talent are well known and extend to everything from a company’s rate of innovation to its bottom line.

Get ahead of the curve and apply these insights in your company.

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Experience how the Censia Talent Intelligence Platform can help increase hiring speed, find the best candidates for your role, and increase internal mobility.

Transform the way your company makes talent decisions with Censia Talent Intelligence for SAP SuccessFactors.

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