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Censia’s Talent Intelligence platform gives you instant access and deep insight into more than 500 million professionals.

Complete Talent Landscape

Censia continuously maps the entire talent landscape from thousands of professional sources to gather the most relevant and up to date information on more than 500 million professionals.

Up-to-Date Data Sources

Censia continually processes trillions of pieces of information, resulting in the most complete, up-to-date, and trustworthy information on both people and companies.

Our proprietary data platform simultaneously analyzes more than dozens of factors that predict a candidate’s potential to succeed, including career trajectory, company type, loyalty, diversity, and many more.

Accurate Golden Records

Censia ingests and standardizes hundreds of millions of profile records from thousands of global data sources to create a golden record (the most reliable source of information) on each candidate.

With Censia, recruiters instantly receive ranked shortlists of high-potential candidates and can compare those candidates against current employees, previous applications, and passively sourced talent.

Seeing is Believing

  • Complete candidate landscape
  • Accurate Golden Records from global data sources
  • Instant ranked lists of the most qualified talent.
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