Unlock the true power of your ATS

Censia instantly finds qualified previous applicants inside your applicant tracking software (ATS), matches them to new openings, and compares them to current employees.

How it Works

Searching for talent among previous applicants is one of the most efficient ways to hire. Candidates have a clear interest and are in your pipeline. Censia uses AI to match them to new openings on an ongoing basis. 


Create your ideal candidate model or job description

Censia enriches candidate profiles, infers additional skills and analyzes dozens of relevant factors that predict a candidate’s ability to succeed in a role. 


Search previous applications

Censia surfaces, searches and scores previous applicants inside your ATS and provides a ranked shortlist of the most suitable ones. 


Choose the best talent

Instantly compare previous applicants to employees and passively sourced talent to ensure that you hire or promote the best talent every single time. 

See Censia Talent Intelligence in Action

Censia has transformed every part of the hiring process, making it faster, less biased, and more efficient.
3x greater applicant diversity
60% more qualified candidates per role
50% faster time to hire

How it Works

Create your ideal candidate model by cloning your top performer, your ideal employee, or a set of skills you seek.


Create your ideal candidate model


Censia searches and scores previous applicants lost in your ATS.


You instantly compare previous applicants to employees and passively sourced talent.

Before Talent Intelligence

After Talent Intelligence

75% of candidates never hear from employer.
Recruiter receives a shortlist of talent, complete with contact information.
60% of candidates never hear back after the first job interview.
Qualified candidates are periodically contacted for new positions.

The Results

Hiring speed doubles
Recruiters increase both diversity and performance

Before Talent Intelligence

After Talent Intelligence

Recruiters spend 20-30 reviewing resumes and sourcing for roles.
Recruiters first contact interested applicants, expediting hiring.
Roles take approximately 3-5 weeks to fill.
Roles can be filled in days.

The Results

Candidates perform better due to improved skills matching

Recruiting efforts change from quantity to quality


Insights and Best Practices

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