Optimizing Recruiting Efforts with Talent Intelligence

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Talent Intelligence helps to fill in the gaps behind the scenes so you spend less time finding the quality candidates you’re looking for, and more time engaging them. Recruiter.com helps companies source talent for niche roles. Lucy Keoni, Head of Customer Success, Censia, speaks with Recruiter.com’s CEO Miles Jennings about how Talent Intelligence is transforming the workflow for recruiters. Recruiters hold the final decision and can instantly fine-tune their candidate models to fit business requirements. Tune in and learn how your company too, can strategize and source hard-to-find talent with the power of Censia’s Talent Intelligence.


  • How Talent Intelligence eliminates hours of manual search effort, boosting recruiter efficiency.
  • How Candidate Modeling replaces the slow, error-prone, outdated approach of keyword screening candidates.
  • How Talent Intelligence contributes to diversity and inclusion by removing subjective filters

Increase your team’s efficiency and ROI.
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