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Predictive Capabilities

Meet the brain that powers Censia: a combination of machine learning and data science that solve the most pressing enterprise talent acquisition challenges.

What is Predictive

Our predictive capabilities act as an intelligence filter that automatically matches qualified candidates to jobs, shifting the recruiting paradigm to holistic candidate matching that’s efficient and effortless at scale.


Job descriptions are inaccurate, incomplete, and unrealistic. Our predictive capabilities model top performing people, not job descriptions, in order to determine the ideal candidate profiles used to build candidate pipelines. Here’s how:

Automatic Matching

We continuously map associations between millions of jobs and professionals. When it comes time to find candidates for your specific requirements, matching becomes instantaneous.

Instant Fine Tuning

Job requirements change suddenly, all the time. View, adjust, and validate your ideal candidate profile simply, within seconds.

Candidate Scoring

Scores candidates on job success and characteristics like loyalty, competitiveness, and thought leadership.

Candidate Ranking

Resume overload? Our predictive capabilities and models automatically generate a ranked slate of candidates for each job. Spend time only on the highest quality candidates.

Recruit intelligently with the power of AI.
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Artificial Intelligence for Enterprise Companies

We built our predictive capabilities based off of leading industry best practices. We utilize TensorFlow, the Machine Learning library by Google, and Apache MXNet for our deep learning neural network. Our data science algorithms are implemented through Python libraries including Theano, NumPy, and SciKit.

Learn more about data science and how we use it at Censia

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Learn more about machine learning and how we use it at Censia.

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