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People Data Services

People Data Services fixes outdated, unusable data by transforming it into relevant, actionable information. People Data Services overhauls your data, so that it is accurate, reliable, and up-to-date.

What is People Data Services

People Data Services is an automatic data management and enrichment solution for your people data. Our customizable solution cleans, structures, and enriches people data– securely and accurately. Whether you need to update a subset of your database or migrate your ATS, People Data Services ensures your data is relevant and complete.


On average, applicant tracking system are close to 80% incorrect or out of date. Our technology hold the keys to seamlessly updating and unlocking your people datasets. Here is how it’s done:

Data Management

Our data science algorithms make your data usable, automating the humanly impossible process of identifying and fixing inaccurate, unstructured.

  • Our technology identifies duplicate records for a person and combines (masters) them without losing any of your original notes.
  • Using your schema or ours, our platform prepares your data so it can be fed into powerful analytics and insights.
  • ATS migrations shouldn’t mean losing historical data – we support high-volume transfers to support entire ATS migrations.

Data Enrichment

Our platform identifies missing or outdated information on each person in your database and appends their records with verified data.

  • Enrich your dataset with up to 140 people attributes including proprietary Censia-derived insights such as loyalty and competitiveness.
  • Receive up-to-date, verified contact information from emails to phone numbers.
  • Tailor your enrichment by specifying industry-relevant attributes such as credentials and certifications.

Speedy, Secure and Scalable

Architected for enterprise company scale, our platform focuses on the unique challenges faced in the world’s biggest talent acquisition organizations.

  • ATS, CRM, HRIS, or database-compatible, our API integrates to multiple platforms seamlessly.
  • Orientating towards ISO 27001 standards, our platform follows best practices for security.
  • Engineered to process trillions of insights, our data platform can scale to tackle any sized project.

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Based on ISO 27001 comprehensive standards, we aim to leverage best practices around information security and controls.  We are oriented for enterprise requirements around encryption, authentication, role-based permissions, B2B integrations, secure interconnectivity, network and system monitoring and  logging.

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