Integration Details

The Censia Jobvite integration allows users to:
  • Create or update a model in Censia’s Talent Intelligence based on a Jobvite ATS job requisition.
  • Include inbound candidates associated with the mapped Jobvite job requisition.
  • Include rediscovered candidates from your broader Jobvite database.
  • Allow ranking of inbound and rediscovered candidates from Jobvite within Censia’s Talent Intelligence.
  • Export all candidates, including Censia passive candidates, back into Jobvite.

Key Benefits

Jobvite is leading the next wave of talent acquisition innovation with a candidate-centric recruiting model that helps companies engage candidates with meaningful experiences at the right time, in the right way, from first look to first day. The Jobvite Talent Acquisition Suite weaves together automation and intelligence in order to increase recruiting speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Jobvite is proud to serve thousands of customers across a wide range of industries including Ingram Micro, Schneider Electric, Premise Health,, and Blizzard Entertainment. To learn more, visit or follow the company on social media @Jobvite.
Recruit with Purpose. Hire with Confidence.

About Jobvite

Jobvite™ is a comprehensive talent acquisition suite that offers a marketing-inspired approach to recruiting by intelligently attracting your dream candidates, automatically screening for the highest quality, engaging employees invested in their future, and retaining the people who care the most about your organization by combining the power of data and the human touch.

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