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Machine Learning


Machine Learning



Machine learning is the computer science discipline in which systems are taught to recognize patterns in data, either by being told what to look for, or by being fed examples so they learn to infer them.


Think of machine learning as the process of improving the decision-making intuition in your brain. As you gain more experience in life, you develop instincts that allow you to more effectively solve problems. Machine learning algorithms enable this process in software.

Machine learning in recruiting

Recruiters must keep up with ever-shortening hiring cycles and increasingly varied, complex job requirements, yet the tools and processes available to recruiters have remained unchanged. Machine learning adapts to the shifting recruiting landscape with acute agility so you can focus on engaging high quality candidates face to face.


Matching candidates to jobs should be quick, effortless, predictive, and based on people, not job descriptions. Machine learning algorithms make this possible.

Ideal Candidates
Modeled Instantly

Censia’s predictive intelligence models the ideal candidate for each job opening based on existing top performers.

Identify Top Talent

Machine learning powers the clustering and grouping of candidates to identify truly standout individuals among peers.

the Rising Stars

Machine learning models characteristics and experience in candidates to forecast future performance.

Find ideal candidates with the power of machine learning.
Harness the power of machine learning.

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