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Censia has made “game-changing” differences for our customers.

A whole new paradigm in Recruiting

Censia is an ML/AI platform that changes the way companies search for talent. Adding predictive intelligence that dramatically improves efficiency, cost, quality, and Hiring Manager/Recruiter alignment. We could tell you all the benefits ourselves, but our customers say it better.

Access people data with greater accuracy

A key benefit of the iCIMS and Censia partnership is the ability to look inside of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). There is a tremendous value, as there is a lot of qualified talent in the ATS that aren’t being accessed well. The Censia Solution is very easy to use.

Our organization has a very good adoption rate with the Censia solution. We’ve had a very strong response with building models and reaching out. 

Dennis Wilson, National Director Talent Attraction at American Heart Association

Identify qualified talent and reach out directly

The AI solution is a very innovative approach to sourcing that has advanced the Boolean string methodology into a 21st-century solution. Our recruiting team has appreciated the Censia solution’s AI algorithms to quickly identify highly qualified talent and how the solution has helped our recruiters see the contact information for prospects and reach out directly (versus through a system medium).

Joe Sinclair, HR Operations Manager, Dixon Hughes Goodman

Drive critical business objectives with AI

The most effective recruitment teams will use Artificial Intelligence [Censia] and other emerging technologies to reach passive candidates, drive diversity, and provide excellent candidate experience.

Sanjeev Sahgal, Head HR Strategy and Agile HR

Find hidden talent for hard to find roles

Censia has helped us find hidden talent for hard to fill roles. We weren’t having much luck finding candidates and Talent Intelligence surfaced high-quality people for us.

Peter Kim, VP of Talent Acquisition, Smile Brands

Modeling the ideal candidate is a game changer

We had been searching for a tool to help our Talent Acquisition Team find quality candidates in less time and that’s why we chose to work with Censia. The ideal candidate model is what sold us. Finding quality people within minutes versus sorting through resumes for hours is a game-changer. Censia’s Talent Intelligence Platform was a great addition to our Talent Acquisition strategy!

Lorie Bryce, Talent Acquisition and Management Leader, Gerdau North America

Recruiter and hiring manager align from the start

Even the very last candidate in candidate slates are highly relevant. The recruiter and hiring manager have immediate alignment and start outreach immediately.

Anna Counselman, COO, Upstart

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