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Talent Delivered

AI powered, data backed, Talent Delivered solves the challenge of finding ideal candidates. From role calibration to initial candidate engagement, Talent Delivered automates the candidate discovery process.

Source On-Demand

Source On-Demand removes inefficiency by automating the sourcing process. Receive a customized slate of candidates sourced through AI.

WHAT IS Talent Delivered

Talent Delivered is a completely automated concierge-quality hiring service powered by Censia Talent Intelligence. We deliver the most qualified, in-demand candidates ready to be interviewed at enterprise scale. Create and tune your models in Talent Intelligence, then push the top candidates directly to our specialist team for immediate engagement.

Predictive Model

Artificial intelligence-powered algorithms generate ideal candidate profiles without the need for inputting job requirements.

Data Platform

Our predictive capabilities find matches in Censia’s proprietary database of half a billion of the world's professionals or your ATS data.

Highly Qualified Candidates

Receive a slate of the market’s most qualified, in-demand candidates sourced free of human bias and error.


As an additional option, enlist Censia’s engagement services for targeted personalized outreach at scale that brings interested, interview-ready candidates to your door.


Talent professionals are spending an average of 9 hours per hire on manually updating and gathering data. Our technology removes manual work by utilizing algorithms to identify and engage candidates for your open roles. Here is how it’s done:

AI Powered Modeling

Our platform analyzes top performers through our AI algorithms to create a holistic candidate model for every open role.

  • Candidate modeling replaces the slow, error-prone, outdated approach of keyword screening candidates.
  • The calibration takes just a few minutes and provides instant feedback to the recruiter or hiring manager.
  • Recruiters hold the final decision and can instantly fine tune the model to fit business requirements.

Comprehensive, Integrated Sourcing

Source from our comprehensive database, from your ATS, CRM, HRIS, or active job boards, or all five to ensure you are looking at all sources for every available candidate.

  • Our database contains half a billion of the world’s professionals and is constantly updated and verified through multiple data sources.
  • With 90% of US white collar professionals in our database, we are serious in our approach of finding the best ideal candidate.
  • Using your ATS, CRM or HRIS, re-engage candidates who’ve already applied at your company or promote internal mobility for your existing employees.

Qualified and Highly Engaged Candidates

Our engagement platform uses a series of multichannel outreach methods with personalized messaging proven to engage and motivate qualified candidates.

  • Representing 95% of the highest quality talent on the market, passive candidates receive a comprehensive overview of the job role and company.
  • Through the AI modeling and engagement process, our platform ensures you receive qualified and engaged candidates, free of human bias and error.
  • Talent Delivered radically changes time to hire; think days, not months, for all roles.


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