Harness the Power of AI

Censia replaces keyword searches with recommendation modeling to help companies hire the best talent, quickly and at scale.
25 hours saved per role

50% faster time to hire

85% faster time to interview
$1,716 average cost per hire
6 times greater efficiency through internal hires
35% increased performance for diverse companies


Hours saved per role


Faster time to hire


Faster time to interview


Average cost per hire


Greater efficiency through internal hires


Increased performance for diverse companies

Ideal Candidate Modeling

What makes the ideal candidate?

Censia’s Talent Intelligence solution uses AI and data science to build deep similarity scoring across multiple aspects of a candidate’s professional profile (career and industry experience, trajectory, education, skills, etc.). These models give talent teams insights and comparisons between candidates that go far beyond keyword searches.

New to Talent Intelligence, predictive analysis and neural networks?

Data Platform

Censia’s enterprise talent data platform maps the global talent landscape by ingesting, consolidating, normalizing, clustering, and structuring global talent data into a normalized ‘Golden Record’ structure to create a holistic view of each talent professional.

Censia’s collection and data extract, transform, load (ETL) process leverages cutting edge machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to clean and structure a vast and varied global talent data set containing more than 550 million records.  Our data platform constantly re-aggregates and processes hundreds of billions of records on a weekly basis, ensuring data is up to date and providing insight into data trends, and giving customers deep insight into the global talent pool. 

Data Sources

Censia’s Talent Data Platform is refreshed in real-time from over 2,400 public data sources globally. 

Talent databases around the world allow Censia customers to access real-time data, consolidated and processed inside Censia. This provides a single source of truth on talent (Golden Record), eliminating thousands of hours of time scanning multiple databases, professional networks, alumni associations, etc.