Why Creating Supportive Workplaces for LGBTQIA Employees is a Must

The Importance of Creating Supportive Workplaces for LGBTQIA Employees

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A shocking half of straight workers don’t believe there are any LGBTQIA people at their workplace. The reality is that there probably are plenty of people of different gender identities and sexual orientations in the same company. However, they may be closeted in the work environment; in fact, 46% of LGBTQIA people hide who they are at work, according to the Harvard Gazette.

Creating supportive workplaces that embrace diversity and inclusivity (D/I) initiatives is critical for moving the needle on awareness of the unique benefits that LGBTQIA team members can contribute.

Here’s how your company can make the work environment more welcoming and supportive.

Create and Implement D/I Workplace Policies

The U.S. economy could save $9 billion per year if organizations across the board would simply create and manage diversity and inclusion policies. Specifically including LGBTQIA persons in these initiatives is key to success. Make your D/I commitment clear upon new hire orientation, and include a review of your policies as part of onboarding.

Be Supportive Both Internally and Externally

Don’t let your D/I initiative stop at hiring a diverse workforce. In addition to supporting your LGBTQIA employees internally, show support for the greater LGBTQIA community. External and internal commitment to equality and diversity benefit not just your employees but your brand as a whole. According to GLAAD, 23% of LGBTQIA adults have switched products or services to patronize a brand that is supportive of the LGBTQIA community, even if the new brand is less convenient or more expensive.

Solicit And Utilize Input From LGBTQIA Team Members

Respect the knowledge and lived experience of your team members to inform brand outreach, marketing, and customer support. Identify and make use of team members who represent the gender, ethnicity, culture, generation, or sexual orientation of the target end-user. They can boost the likelihood of your entire team understanding your target by as much as 158%, and enable your brand to innovate effectively for that end user.

Benefits of Supporting LGBTQIA Employees

Hiring and supporting LGBTQIA workers positions your company for goodwill and success. Benefits of this type of D/I initiative include:

Increased Productivity and Job Satisfaction

LGBTQIA employees and allies who work at inclusive companies are proud to be employed by a brand focused on diversity, and likely to go above and beyond for company success. In contrast, employees of companies that have a negative attitude toward LGBTQIA workers are less likely to have the same satisfaction with their employer or job, and less motivated to go the extra mile for customers.

Reduce Employee Turnover

In addition to the two out of five LGBTQIA employees who are closeted at work, three out of four report that they have experienced negative interactions related to their LGBTQ identity while at work in the past year. In many cases, these incidents were ongoing. Commit to culture change to improve employees’ interactions with colleagues, direct managers, and leadership through daily touchpoints. Negative touch points make employees 40% less productive and 13 times more likely to quit a job. Track and remedy negative touchpoint experiences to improve your workspace.

How Censia Can Help You Create an LGBTQIA Supporting Workplace

Censia’s talent intelligence platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and predictive analysis to create Ideal Candidate Models. Our proprietary data platform then goes to work to source exceptional talent across more than 2,000 sources, including active job seekers and passive candidates.
Complete Talent Profiles allow searching for and filling in gaps for culture add across your organization. Internal Mobility Matching helps you surface internal diverse candidates for promotion opportunities. You can help undervalued or overlooks talent rise to the top within your organization, and bring in fresh talents to fill spots and expand your inclusive workspace.

The result of using these methods can make your workplace more welcoming, enhance your brand’s reputation, boost company growth, and increase revenues as you become more visible to the wider LBGTQIA community.

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