Censia Adds AI-Powered Candidate Sourcing to Recruiter.com

Recruiter.com – a hiring platform that connects employers with small and independent recruiters – has successfully implemented Censia’s Talent Intelligence to power its candidate sourcing technology, giving its network of over 26,000 recruiters the ability to find ideally suited candidates for jobs in less time. 

Using Censia, recruiters will be able to access complete talent profiles and AI-generated insights on more than half a billion professionals with just one click, and reduce the time spent on manual recruiting tasks by up to 90%.  

Censia Talent Intelligence also provides unrivaled workforce and competitor intelligence, and instantly adds AI-powered resumé review, candidate ranking and scoring, ATS candidate rediscovery and intelligence passive sourcing to ATS, HRIS, and other talent technology software.

 To learn more about Censia’s Integration Partners visit www.Censia.com/Integrations or contact us for custom API integrations.



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